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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

ISIS and Other Terrorists

Disclosure: I am just an average American citizen who is frustrated with seeing acts of terror going on in the world, and helpless to do anything about it. Most recently, a terror organization, ISIS, beheaded another American photojournalist. The victim was not the first, and won't be the last. I am NOT an expert, and only have 2 years military and more than a dozen years in law enforcement. So take what I say with a grain of salt of you wish.

First off, I think we need to understand that cold blooded murder is the ultimate in power over another human being. What we see in the videos of the beheadings, is not just the shock value in such a death. What we also see, is the terrorists exhibiting the ultimate "power", and the idea that they could have such unlimited power over any of us. That is more of the terror message than the actual beheading.

I wonder, if such "power" isn't what indices some to join them? There are reports of maybe hundreds of British youths, and maybe a hundred or more from America, to include a couple young girls, who have joined ISIS. Why? Is the idea of unbridled POWER over others, seductive? I am inclined to think it could be. Such POWER over another human being - the ultimate power - with seemingly NO consequences. I think ISIS is using the same guy, or at least the same looking figure, to do the beheadings so it appears they are untouchable.

Do we see the deaths of our enemies? Only on Youtube and other Internet sites, will we see the death blows delivered to such scumbags. Why? Is it that our sensibilities in the US can't handle it? Could it be that we think we are so much better, that we won't stoop to that level? Well, I think we need to see dead terrorists every day we drop them to the ground. I think American citizens, as well as other people around the world, must SEE that there IS consequences to being a terrorist, and killing and beheading people to just make a point.

We ALL hate to see our nation's best, our soldiers, killed in battle. They are all tragic losses. But they ARE warriors, and they knew signing up that they could be facing that threat. I expect that while we morn such losses, it doesn't strike our sensibilities like seeing a journalist beheaded, or children murdered because they are Christians, or women beaten to death because they "allowed" themselves to be raped. We cringe at such visions. And that is what the terrorists want.

What they DON'T want, is for a backlash on them that would cause prospects to see that THEY can die a nasty death too. Not by beheading them. Not by being savages. But killing them at every turn, and SEEING the dead bodies (which we need to make hundreds of every day) on Youtubes and national news coverage every day. Would it be such a lure, if they FACED the real prospect DEATH by guns and bombs every day? Especially when such dead bodies are shown every day? I can only speculate, but I'd say it would give pause for those thinking it could be exciting to have such UNLIMITED power of death over defenseless people.

WAR IS HELL. But trying to smooth it over so it doesn't appear so ugly, is a MASSIVE mistake. WAR IS HELL, and should be. For WAR to be shown as less than HELL, actually makes the making of WAR less of a concern, and no deterrent. WAR, taken and waged for what it is, may actually reduce the wars anyone gets involved in. If people actually saw WAR, up close and personal, fewer people, on either side, would want it? Adversely, if WAR is seen as some civilized sterile endeavor, then it doesn't seem to be near as big a deal. WAR MUST BE HELL. HELL on our enemies who cause us to engage in it. HELL on us, so we enter into it with the goal to win, and win QUICKLY!

Lets stop the sensitized view of WAR, and lets show the dead bodies of our enemies as examples of the price that will be paid to conduct in one. Lets turn the power of life and death against our enemies, and SHOW the world that there IS a cost to such acts.

Final word - For Obama and Holder to send the FBI to foreign lands to "investigate" acts of WAR on our people, only reinforces some belief that such barbaric acts as criminal events, and not acts of war upon innocent people. And that, works against us, and endangers us even more. Such acts are NOT crimes. They are brutal acts of savagery in war upon us.

WAR IS HELL. And we need to bring HELL upon our enemies, and let the world see it.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Police Shootings and Multiple Wounds

A single bullet can kill someone. Yet, there are many documented cases in which a person had survived after being shot multiple times. Even after being shot as many as 20 or more times, people have survived. Rapper "50 Cent", as an example, survived 9 bullets. Another survived 19 bullets. And yet another person survived being shot 21 times. And as for head-shots? People have survived such wounds too. Look at Gabby Giffords, who was shot in her head at very close range. She not only survived (Thank God), but is very active on the speaking circuit.

Some hunters can tell you that great caution should be taken with a seemingly downed, and dead, wild animal. There have been times that the downed animal has jumped up and attacked the hunter.

Fact is, once the decision has been made to use deadly force, and assuming the deadly force is meant to STOP death or great bodily injury to another, then a continuous amount of lethal force should be delivered until all such threat is stopped.

It is my belief that ANY perceived movement of a person after being initially shot, gets met with a certain amount of disbelief, and therefore a certain amount of additional shooting happens until all movements have stopped. It could be (I am not an expert) that could be why some police shootings have 20, 30, 40 rounds or more rounds being fired at and/or into a suspect. (Panic fire?)

In such cases, it's often seen that the "attacker" was still posing some amount of threat, even after being shot. Anyone who has been in actual combat, can attest to having shot an enemy, and the enemy still kept coming (a dream I still don't like having, but do). Unloading a full mag on such a threat, can happen out of panic that the threat was not stopping!

Another side point. Police train to shoot "center mass" of their targets. "Center mass" provides for a greater potential to actually strike the suspect, and enter vital organs that will more readily incapacitate the suspect. I have heard people make comments about why the police didn't shoot a gun or knife out of someone's hand, or shoot to wound to person. Two main problems with that thought process. One - hands, arms, and even heads, are mush smaller targets to hit under stress. Two - wounding anyone, or a wild animal, does not guarantee they stop posing a threat. And NOT stopping the threat, opens up the real possibility that the threat could still cause additional injuries or losses of life.

I can also say from personal experience, that a large man was shot square in the chest wit a .38 round nose bullet, and survived. At first, he went down and was believed to be in real bad shape. He was airlifted out, but survived. As it turned out, this large man ... about 6'2" and 260 lbs ... survived, because the bullet never made it into the chest cavity. The bullet rode the rib-cage around the chest and had actually exited under his left arm, to be found resting in the fabric of his coat.

I bring all this up, because of the released information that a suspect who died as a result in multiple bullets being fired by police. The young man was found to have been shot 6 times. And, the media being who they are, seem to equate those 6 rounds as some kind of over-kill. If the young man still posed a perceived threat, even after 13 rounds, I'd reloaded and go for more!

Bottom line - IF deadly force must be used, then it must be used until the threat is neutralized.

I always welcome comments. But be respectful, or I will simply delete you.


NOTICE: This post and my opinions and observations, are in no way to be seen as support for, or against, the Ferguson Missouri Police Officer shooting of Michael Brown. I have no independent knowledge of the shooting incident, and like everyone else, will wait until a full investigation has been completely to comment directly about that.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Shooting an UN-Armed person

For those who are not (nor ever have been) a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO), I would ask you to participate in an exercise of sorts. I’m going to ask that while you read the following, you mentally put yourself in the position of a LEO. And, I’d ask that while you attempt that, you put aside any personal feelings you may have about LEOs and what you may have seen in the news.

Willing? Okay - ready?

You are a Uniformed Police Officer, patrolling your area of town, referred to as your “beat”. You’re in your patrol car, and you drive through a known neighborhood of largely construction laborers and oil field roughnecks. The area is also an area known for street fights and public intoxications.  ……………. With me so far?

Suddenly, you see a guy run up to a couple who were just walking along street, and sucker punch the man, knocking him to the ground. You radio the dispatcher of the location and that you just witnessed an assault in progress. You hurriedly get out of your patrol car to intercede. The assailant is now standing over the downed man, and the women is screaming for someone to do something, yelling HELP.

As you call out to the assailant to FREEZE, he puts his hands up and stops his aggressive movements as you approach. The man is of average height and weight, is shirtless, and from all appearances, is not readily seen to be armed. You order him to put his hands behind his head, and he complies. You approach and start to grab his wrists and make the arrest. About the same time, you see some other guys come out from the nearby bar, and they call out to the assailant (suspect) by name, so you figure they may be friends.  ………………………… Getting a feel for the situation?

As you grab the man’s wrist and pull your handcuffs out ------ he suddenly turns on you and you find you are now in a struggle. The suspect is stronger than you, and you are trying to fend him off, as he is getting the upper hand on you. Now, you are on the ground, punched in the face and body, and you now feel you may lose the fight. And, the suspect is looking in your face, saying to that you’re a “dead mother fucker”!  ……………………… So, if you’ve never been in a real fight, this may be hard to get a feel for. But try to really imagine this and try to have that feeling of being defeated and helpless.

By now, you’re exhausted. You can barely block the flurry of fists to your face and body. You’re unable to land any good punches to the suspect. (If you have ever wrestled on a team, or even with a bigger brother, then you know that feeling, and how moments can seem like long minutes.)   

Your mind is racing back about your brief career. You know from training that some police officers have been killed with their own department issued firearm. According to what you were taught, and according to FBI crime statistics, 51 LEOs were killed with their own firearms from 2000 to 2013.

You regain you thoughts about your current situation, and pray that Back-Up gets there soon, as you have basically lost the fight and are now trying to keep your gun from the suspect. You know that if he gets your gun, he may very well use it against you. ………………………… Please, close your eyes, and try to visualize this scenario in your head. Try to capture that feeling of defeat. Try to imagine your gun being pulled away from your holster.

(*)  You have both hands on your gun now, as you double up, trying to protect your face and your gun. The suspect is now pulling at your arms, trying to pull your hands away from the gun. You now are in fear for your very life. As your arms weaken, and the gun begins to come out, you are able to turn it toward the suspect, and you are able to pull the trigger. The suspect stands and backs up. At first, you don’t know if you hit him or not, because he stands and pauses. Then it seems TO YOU, that he was ready to come at you again. You know if he does, you have no strength left to fend him off, and you fire your weapon again.    ……………………… You have now shot an UN-ARMED man, TWICE. And the second time, he was standing several feet away from you.

As the crowd gathers, people are yelling that you killed their friend. From their pint of view, you two got into a scuffle, and he was trying to keep you from pulling your gun and killing him. They all swear that he was just trying to stop you from pulling the gun. 

You gather yourself and get to your feet, as your Back-Up Officers arrive. They pull up, and see the crowd, see the suspect down on the pavement, and see you standing more than 8 feet away now.

You are in a neighborhood where they all know each other, and all stick together. Your Back-Up Officers didn’t see the incident, and only can write statements of what they saw when they got there. All the “witnesses” say that YOU started bullying “Fred”, and got into a fight, then you shot him. Fred was UNARMED, and was simply trying to fight off a bully COP, who shot him – TWICE.    …………………. Still with me? Have any feel for this yet?

Now, let us change this up just a bit, okay. -----
(Alternate *)
As you and the suspect were fighting, he gets the best of you, and you know you are losing the fight. You are praying that if you lose, the suspect will just get up and run away. You think about trying for your gun, but you know the suspect is not armed, and your mind races about the consequences of shooting an unarmed man. Then, the suspect gives you a hard fist to the upper jaw, jarring your head against the pavement. Now you feel yourself slipping into a daze. You can barely grasp what is happening now, barely able to even move. Your both still on the ground, with him on top, as the suspect pulls your gun out of your holster, and shoves the barrel into your side. The gun is between you and him, and not in sight of anyone else. Then you feel the burning, and have no ability to move, and become confused, as you drift into ….. death.

So there you have it. Just one scenario to consider. In part, that was a true story. Another Officer I used to know in Colorado, was in just such a position. He lost the fight (a bar brawl actually), and his gun was torn from his holster. The suspect got away, taking the Officer's gun with him. The Officer was not killed, although beat up pretty good. A couple weeks later, the gun and suspect were recovered.

But from 2000 to 2013, 51 LEOs were not so lucky. This doesn’t count all those killed by other means. So I ask, before you jump to any conclusions about a LEO shooting an unarmed person, try to wait for the investigation to see what REALLY happened. Law Enforcement Officers are NOT super-men and women. (Anyone who thinks they are, are fooling themselves). Other than some self-defense training (terribly little, at that), they are every day men and women, sworn to enforce the law, and hoping to go home to their families after each shift. And in their case, losing a street fight means their weapon could very well be used against them. Losing a fight is not a school yard embarrassment. For them, losing a fight has the real possibility of ending their life!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

ILLEGAL immigration fix?

To begin with - IF my family had to live in ANY country where they were in danger, or were terrorized, or stifled from improving our lives, I would do everything I could to get to America. I DO NOT blame anyone for wanting to come to America for a better life. That's exactly what our earliest citizens did!

But, our problem today is ILLEGAL immigration. I have commented to some that I could come with a better idea on fixing the illegal immigration problem than Obama (or Jeb Bush), or the host of other vocal politicians. So I'll give it a shot!

1.  Close the border. TIGHT. Use the Military/National Guard on the border, and PROTECT our Nation's sovereignty. These troops would be protecting our border, not enforcing civil laws. They would be armed and have well defined Rules Of Engagement. Any need for arrest and detainment related to criminal actions, would be held until they could be turned over to appropriate law enforcement.

2.  Institute a "worker" program, and only those with verifiable ID and criminal records checks, and a
sponsoring employer, can come in. Such employers would be required to provide health insurance for the worker, and pay no less than a current minimum wage! (Employers who violate this, would be HEAVILY fined, and business licenses revoked!)

3.  Streamline the Citizenship application process. This is a must. Not to curtail all the requirements, but to enlarge the system so it moves people through the process within 2 years of application (or time enough for backgrounds be completed). All other requirements for citizenship to be followed.

4.  ALL those here illegally now, would have 1 year to return to their home country, then stay there for at least 30 days before returning with verifiable ID. Criminal records checks would be done upon their return. With this, all those who wish to do so, would go to ICE/Homeland Security, state their purpose, and apply for a return visa. This permit to return, would be backed with with photo and fingerprinting. Those immigrants would then have up to 2 years to complete their citizenship process.

5. Those applicants who return would then be required to report to an ICE office once a quarter, and provide ICE with updated and verified addresses. All changes of address, shall be reported to ICE/HS within 30 days of the move.

6.  Those who are conducting criminal activities while here, shall be dealt with in the courts, and
when their sentence is over, deported. Should they return, minimum 5 years minimum added to their criminal sentence, without parole, then deported again. Second offense would be 10 years for just the illegal re-entry.

7. Lastly, while controversial, I WOULD grant those children born on USA soil, temporary citizenship on a pending status, PROVIDED the parent(s) make application and satisfactorily attain citizenship within 2 years. If the parent fails to do so, all those non-citizens will be deported to their home country, and the child would have such citizenship status revoked. IF the child is of legal age, then that child/adult may apply for citizenship. This way, parents of such children would have a reason to assimilate into America, and have 2 years to do it. Once the parents are citizens, the children would automatically have their citizenship.

I am all for "legal" immigration. Our country is made up of people who have legally immigrated here from all over the world. "LEGAL" immigration is NOT the issue. The IL-LEGAL entry into the USA is the problem. I feel that practical solutions, with real incentives to follow the law, will go far in reducing the "illegal" immigration problem, while providing a legal avenue for those desiring US citizenship a way to do that.

There. Simplistic? Too much so? Perhaps. Welcome any comments or reasonable suggestions. But a plan like this, or SOME other "practical" plan is absolutely needed. We can't just keep good people in limbo for many years, and it only encourages ILLEGAL status/entry.

Monday, March 10, 2014



Speed Kills
Over the years, the mantra, SPEED KILLS, has been heard over and over again. According to some statistics, from 2009 as example, over 30% of highway fatalities involved speed greater than posted, or speed greater than conditions. More than 10,000 highway deaths per year can be attributed to SPEED.

Yet, American auto makers (and even more so, foreign auto makers) keep building faster and faster stock production models cars that will far surpass our nation’s highest speed limits. In fact, several automobiles will easily accelerate to more than double the speed of any posted highway speed!

These cars are made for one thing, and one thing only – SPEEDING! Speeding, on our nation’s streets and highways. They are built, TO BREAK THE LAW. And drivers of those autos, buy them knowing they are made to exceed all speed limits, otherwise, why spend that kind of money, when similar vehicles with far less capability can be purchased for less. Fact is, the faster a car can go, the more desirable they are to those who wish to SPEED. We should also extrapolate that in doing to, those driver/owners, knowingly buy autos that can not only be driven faster than any posted speed limit, but contribute to the horrible traffic fatalities. While not all drivers of such autos might not commit traffic violations with them, they know the autos have that capability. Speeds of 200 MPH and greater, are not out of the ordinary for some models. And, those autos can achieve those speeds in ridiculously short amount of  time. Speed in acceleration, extreme speeds on the top end, and even hard for law enforcement to match up with. Such advantages, and dangers, must be banned from our roadways.

Why build such a car? Why buy such a car?  One answer for both – BUILT WITH  THE INTENT TO BREAK THE LAW! And every auto dealer of such cars, KNOW IT!

I am proposing a Bill to outlaw the production and sale of any of the excessively fast production cars, referred to hereafter as AEHS (Auto of Extremely High Speeds) capable of powering an auto faster than 20% over any of the highest posted speed limits, or 95 MPH maximum. Such production cars shall no longer be manufactured after Jan. 1, 2015. A full list of those automobiles will be assimilated into the Bill. (Examples: Corvette ZR1, Ford GT-500, Dodge Viper SRT10, Cadillac CTS-V, etc.)

Also, no person shall modify any automobile that can exceed the legal top speed limit of 95 MPH. Any such modifications, mod-kits, accessories, and equipment that can be used to modify such autos, shall be banned.

In addition, to avoid any mis-identification of an Auto of Extremely High Speed, no automobiles shall be painted in colors that might be confused with AEHS autos, such as RED or ORANGE, or Racing Green.

In addition, no “Racing Stripes” shall be permitted, and no “mag” or “racing” style wheels to be applied to any automobile.  Such modifications can only contribute to a driver’s temptation to “speed”.

All importation of automobiles that would fall under the U.S. Automobile AEHS restrictions, shall be banned in the U.S..

All such automobiles, and accessories of a nature described in the aforementioned, shall be turned in for destruction, no later than Dec. 1, 2014.. Possession of such an automobile, or accessories, shall be charged with a Class A misdemeanor, and a second offense shall be a Class D felony. (Exception: Any such automobile, to be kept for collectible purposes, shall be inspected, and governing devices shall be placed upon the motor that will hinder it from accelerating more than parade speeds of 15 MPH , and semi-annual inspections shall be made by the state DMV Enforcement Agents.)

In conclusion, there is simply no lawful need (except for law enforcement agencies who may need the added power and speed to catch violators) for a private citizen to possess any automobile which has but one purpose, and that is to VIOLATE THE LAW, by accelerating to dangerous speeds, risking life and property. And any owner/driver in possession of such an automobile shall automatically be suspect in a crime of SPEEDING, and contributing to the deaths on our nation’s highways.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Gun Registration – Fiction, or Future?

The following is Fiction. However, the first steps are being pressed for by many in government, and this is a fictional account of "what could be", if taken to extremes.

2014, Jun – The President, by Executive Order, signs an “Order” for all citizens to register their firearms with their local law enforcement agency. The President, in a public address to the nation, stated, “If you like your firearms, you can keep your firearms, but you will simply have to register them. This is a reasonable action to take, in effort to curtail the use of firearms used in crimes. This will not affect your 2nd amendment right and your lawful use of your firearm for hunting, self-defense, and sporting competition. This is for the good of the American people, and I must enact this Executive Order, because the Republicans in Congress have refused to take simple life saving measures as this.”

The “EO” also commands that once the firearms and/or accompanying magazines are registered, they cannot be transferred to any other person, but may only be surrendered to authorities if not retained by the registered owner. Any interested party who such firearm would have otherwise been sold or given to, can simply make an application for it with the local authorities. The disposition of the firearm, by way of re-assigning it, or the destruction of it, will be up to the local law enforcement head, who will follow federal guidelines.

2014, Dec – With approval of the new Democratic majority of Congress and the Senate,  the President asked for and received, the approval for a ban on all “assault style weapons”, as well as for any firearm magazines that are capable, by design or modification,  of holding more than 8 rounds of ammunition. Citizens will have 30 days to turn them in. Within the first 60 days after the turn in period, persons still holding the restricted firearms and/or magazines may be charged with Felony Possession.

While some Republicans objected to the ban, they were shouted down by the Senate and House majorities, as POTUS has been granted extreme latitude in dealing with criminal firearms use. The Republicans are in effect, lame ducks in all three branches of government.

2015, Mar – The Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agency, in cooperation with local law enforcement agencies, will contact each registered owner of formerly registered and now restricted firearms and/or magazines, and armed with Revised FISA Court search warrants, searches will be made in order to enforce the ban. Such registered owner shall surrender said restricted firearms and/or magazines immediately. Failure to surrender, or on-sight felony violations, shall be cause for immediate arrest.

2015, Sep – With the rise in civil unrest and increased protests, the President, by Executive Order, orders all local law enforcement agencies to require their citizens to turn in all other firearms, those not on the restricted list, excluding shotguns capable of holding fewer than 5 rounds. Citizens will have 30 days to turn them in, or face criminal charges.

2015, Oct - As concerns over citizens taking the law into their own hands, the President has followed Great Britain‘s lead, and will charge any citizen who causes injury to an “unarmed intruder”. If the life of a homeowner, or business person, cannot be shown to have actually been in life threatening danger, then no citizen shall attempt to take laws into their own hands and resist by deadly force. Any firearms used in such a manner, by a homeowner or business owner, shall be cause for immediate arrest and felony charges to be pursued.

2015, Dec – Violent crime has grown to levels not seen in decades, as homeowners and business owners have been attacked, beaten, and murdered, by street gangs. Many of the attacks are by multiple suspects, numbering from 4 to 8 at a time, and physically over-powering their intended victims. While many are only armed with knives, swords, and chains, many small imported handguns are being used. Law Enforcement as also encountering more and more foreign made (Chinese, North Korean, Iranian, etc.)  semi-automatic rifles and automatic machine guns by violent street thugs. With the new “open border” policy, there are no effective controls on what comes across the northern and southern borders. It is no longer the drugs that are the problem, near as much as law enforcement is being outgunned by criminals using the back-market machineguns.

2016, Jan – All citizens are ordered, in accordance to Martial Law being implemented, to stay inside their homes, while Federal Security Forces go door to door to collect any remaining firearms. A “temporary” suspension of CIVIL RIGHTS has been ordered, and all law enforcement agencies may enter any home or business, without a warrant, at any time day or night, to apprehend violent criminals, illegal weapons, and to provide for public safety. Any resistance will be taken as possible threats, and such persons will be handled by whatever means necessary to secure a residence and/or business, and provide for a safety of the Federal Security Forces Agents.

2016, Jan – While the National Rifle Association had already been forced, by recent IRS regulations, to abandon all political activities, and highly taxed for their remaining museum firearms, membership has tumbled, rendering them ineffective in protection what is left of the old 2nd amendment.

2016, Apr – With a Democratic majority in the House and Senate, and the absence of certain Tea Party Politicians to voice objection, the 2nd amendment was amended. The old and outdated wording, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”, has been amended to read, “A well regulated Federal Militia, being necessary to the security of ‘the State’, the right of the people’s government to control all firearms shall not be infringed.” The formerly permitted shotguns, as well as all antique firearms, were hereby “illegal” to possess, and must be turned over to authorities.

All citizens are to turn in any remaining firearms, within 30 days. After 30 days, a temporary suspension of the 4th amendment shall apply, in order that law enforcement to be able to enter any home or business, to secure any remaining firearms. Using registered firearm registration records, all State, FBI, ATF, DEA, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management, IRS, and the President’s Federal Security Forces, will aid and assist local authorities as needed, for searches of those owner’s homes and businesses.

2016, Jul – By Order of the President, and to celebrate the New National Dependents Day, all Internet, printed publication, radio, television media sources of any deemed “anti-government” messages and/or material, shall be regulated and licensed, and suspected activists and/or members of the Tea Party, shall be detained while verification can be made that those persons pose no risk to national security.

The President announced that with all the house to house, and business to business searches, a great many firearms have been collected over the past year, taking firearms out of the hands of would-be criminals and gang members. Many arrests have been made by those people who offered to resist and/or hide firearms from authorities. The President announced that great strides have been made to make American safer. A national 1-800 Hotline has been established, so neighbors and friends and report anyone still possessing illegal weapons, or anti-government printed/recorded materials.

2016, Oct  - The infiltration of machine guns and explosives have lent way for an uprising of under-ground terrorist movement cells, and unlawful militias (according to “the government”), and attacks on law enforcement, government buildings, schools, hospitals, and churches have erupted all over the country. The President’s spokesperson, Kalim Abodoti, released a statement to the approved media, that “Home grown militias and former NRA Members were responsible for many of the attacks”. Most citizens can only hunker down and try to stay secured in their homes, while federal and local law enforcement officials try to respond to all the outbreaks of violent attacks.
All remaining Border Patrol have been decimated, and no control over the influx of people, or weapons, exists at any border area. A “Call to Allah”, has caused all the home-grown and illegal alien cell members to come out and attack any and all people and places not displaying signs and flags of the New American Islamic Movement.

2016, Nov – Due to the violence, the national elections have been put on hold, until peace on the streets can be attained. “It is not yet safe for citizens to go to any polling place”, says the President. Elections will return at a later date, to be announced.

2016, Dec – Any and all Christmas displays that can be seen from any public right-of-way, has been banned. Both the freedom from religion and the public safety, are reasons for the restrictions. “No one is saying you cannot observe Christmas”, said the President, “but you must observe it in private. If you like your Christian holiday, you can keep your Christian holiday”, he concluded.

2017, Mar – While Federal authorities now patrol the streets in every city and town, and a cease fire has been agreed to between the New American Islamic Movement” and the government, Martial Law continues until the New Constitution is ratified by the majority in the Senate and House. The new Bill of Government Permitted Rights will also be drafted, and “freedom” will again be allowed in the New America.

For every piece of liberty and freedom we allow to take taken away, the threat of ALL freedoms to be lost is at risk. Just how outside the realm of possibility, is this "fictional" piece?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Concealed Carry and Open Carry

To be sure, I am a very strong supporter of OUR 2nd Amendment, and also support Concealed and Open Carry by lawful citizens.

That said, I will share my views on certain aspects of these issues, and welcome any feedback.

1.  I have written many times about my views on the 2nd Amendment. I don't think I need to repeat all that, except to say that my views haven't changed. If anything, I feel we have grown closer to needing OUR 2nd Amendment to possibly defend against a tyrannical government. I pray we would never actually have to pick up arms, and hope instead, the government would recognize that the 80 + MILLION American gun owners, will not be ruled. Even its only the III% of the American gun owning Patriots who would actively repel such a government, that would still amount to around 2.4 + MILLION well armed Patriots across our land.

2.  As stated, I support "Concealed Carry" by law abiding citizens. While I follow the state and federal laws, as they are today, I feel forcing licensing to do so is a form of "owner registration", and on that basis, I am not in favor of it. I'm obeying the law, but I feel I've backed up as far as I will go.

Hunters, while required to buy hunting licenses, do not have to register what firearm they own or hunt with. However, hunters are required to take a Hunter Safety Course, for hunters (mostly new hunters) to have an understanding of lawful hunting areas and game, and the safe handling of hunting firearms.

I might be in favor of a well conceived firearms safety course, and with that, the issuance of a card of sorts, much like the Hunter Safety Certificate (?), to show you have had and passed the class. The class could be the very CHL classes now required for concealed carry, but it would ONLY be used at the purchase point of a firearm from a dealer. That could be a required "check box" as part of the purchase, but not a registration with the government. The routine "Instant Check" would still apply, to assure compliance with being legally permitted to purchase and own a firearm. In any case, there should be NO registration with any government entity.

I also support as much training as we can reasonably require for that "owner certificate" as we can offer. Education is the key to safety, use, and storage, as far as I am concerned. But the cost can't impede the financial ability to exercise our 2ndA.

3.  I also favor "Open Carry" laws. Some people would chose to Open Carry, and in some sates, its lawful even without a permit.

I do not personally care to Open Carry, and I will go further into that later. But I want legal protection, should my firearm become visible, and otherwise could be in violation because of the exposure. To me, its nonsense, but I know Cops who would pounce all over it, just to bust someone who has a license and is carrying. (I'm a former Law Enforcement Officer, and I've known such ass-holes.)

4.  I am in favor of Concealed Carry in college classes. With campus shootings that have caught unarmed students at deadly disadvantage, I think that anyone who carries concealed, would at least have a chance to save their own life, as well as the lives of others. The legal right to self defense shouldn't end at the parking lot.

However, I am not for Open Carry on campus. Even in a non-law enforcement work place, I prefer Concealed Carry only. Sitting in a classroom chair, or office chair next to co-workers, make curiosity and accidents too much of a risk, in MY view, along with my other reasoning that I'll go into.

Now, on WHY I choose NOT to Open Carry -
Call it paranoia or what ever, but for ME, I don't want to broadcast that I'm carrying. Some choose to do that, as some kind of deterrent. I can't definitively say that it isn't. But I feel if I'm "open carrying", I become a target for the determined ass-hole. Let me provide a scenario to make my point.

I'm Open Carrying my handgun, and happen to be in a upscale coffee shop. The place is semi-busy, and a lot of cash has gone through the register after a busy morning.

Outside, two men watch have been watching the store, and they notice I am packing, Open Carry. The two men are average looking, dressed as regular guys, and otherwise pose no suspicious behavior, and one has a gun concealed under his jacket. They both enter the coffee shop, and as one hangs back by the door, the other walks up behind me in line. While I am now aware of his presence, I have no idea of his plans. Being right handed, I had cash in my hand and was just about to pay the cashier .....

(*) Suddenly, the bad-guy's left hand raises his handgun, and his right hand grabs at my handgun. His words are this, "You try for that, and you're dead." My back is to him, his gun is already shoved into my side, and I'm screwed. He then pulls my handgun from my belt holster, and now he AND his buddy have TWO guns.

(*) Or .... He walks up behind me, and I am his first victim (Lets face it, wouldn't you take out the armed guy first?), before he proceeds to escort the rest of the customers and staff to the back room.

(*) Or ....... He suddenly dashes up behind me and shoves me to the ground, and then shoves his gun in my face, as which point, I'm screwed.

While the chances of any of those happening are very remote, that IS why we choose to "carry" to start with. "Open carry" is simply not MY choice, but understand those who see it otherwise.

Fact is, not even the most experienced Law Enforcement Officer would likely be successful of beating an already drawn gun. Its even less successful if the other bad-guy already knows your packin'! In my past profession, I'd practice close quarter gun take-a-ways and gun retention. But anyone beyond an arms length, is a very deadly opponent if an attempt were made.

For me, I'll keep my "ace in the hole", hidden from plain sight. But if it is inadvertently seen, I want a law, "Open Carry" or otherwise, to protect me from being arrested by an over-zealous cop.

PS. While many don't agree - If any man or women, over 18, who is able to fight and die for OUR country, then they should have EVERY right the rest of us have, to include purchasing handguns and concealed carry.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Truth About Firearms and Self Protection

I am a former Law Enforcement Officer, with over 13 years "on the street" (with additional years in the jail). I've worked as a Patrolman, a Detective, and a Narcotics Officer. I was also a self-employed Private Investigator for over 6 years.
I have responded to hundreds of calls for help, by people who were, or were about to be, victimized. I've responded to calls of home break-ins, physical assaults (with and without weapons), robberies, etc. And for all my desire to get there in time, the best I could do was to capture a suspect when he was still there. But - the "victim", had already been victimized to some degree. I was too late to keep some degree of victimization from occurring.

Yes, there were times (thank God) that my (our) response time kept from further and/or more serious victimization. But it was a rare thing for us to get there before the impact of being a "victim" hadn't already taken place.
And it's not just injuries of victims that's relevant. But the physiological impact of being a victim, along with the feeling of being so vulnerable, has a very lasting effect on people. From that time forward, most victims no longer feel safe and secure in their own homes and/or businesses. Talk about the lack of FREEDOM! Freedom to feel safe, is often gone forever for many victims. And there was little I could do to change that for them. I was too late.

And frankly, we can't change that for law enforcement. We can't have Cops on every corner, or even in the house or apartment next door. Nor would I want such a heavy police presence!

So ... What do we do? What we do, is accept that each of us are our own FIRST RESPONDERS. Each of us must accept responsibility for our own safety. And if we accept that, then we must EACH evaluate how we can best be prepared to keep ourselves safe (or as safe as we can be).

I'll not go into the whole tyrannical government aspect of the 2nd Amendment purpose, and stick with the natural right of self protection. But every lawful citizen should have the natural right of self protection. And every lawful citizen should be allowed to decide for themselves what tools to have available for that self protection.

We already have tons of laws about the ownership and use of firearms and explosive devices. As a former LEO, I feel we already have all the laws needed (too many, in many states). What is in short supply, is strong enforcement of those laws about the felony uses of firearms and explosive devices! "Use A Gun, Go To Jail" should be the motto in every state. And the use of a gun during a person-on-person felony, should have absolute minimums imposed...period! That use of a firearm, should get its own minimum of time, ON TOP of the time for the base crime.

Otherwise, every law abiding citizen should be legally permitted to have their choice of firearm, and lawfully carry it and travel with it, anywhere in the country. Just because I might decide to travel to another state, doesn't mean my possible victimization will stop at the state line. Every lawful citizen, should have the freedom to defend themselves and/or their families. And if they choose to own and carry a firearm, then they should have that freedom. Be it in Texas, or New York, the one thing we can count on, is that Law Enforcement will be too late to "protect" us. (For this reason alone - Concealed Carry should be nationwide!)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Mean and Rude People

My wife and I were in a business the other day, and one of the clerks had such a scowl on her face, and was anything but friendly.

Last month, I was helping some older folks, and one of the men was being a real pain. He was short with those trying to help him, and was being very demanding about things that couldn't be helped.

Not long ago, I was waited on at a popular restaurant by a young woman who looked like she didn't want to be there, and treated me and a couple other guys like we were a bother to be there for lunch.

My wife has often asked ME, "What's wrong?", even though there wasn't anything that I knew of going on with me at the time. She would say that I had this "look", a scowl on my face.

All this made me think about people we run onto. People that leave us with a negative impression, and being rude to us, seemingly without cause. So why are some people that way? Maybe, just maybe, there is an underlying reason, and its not just to be rude.

The first woman I referred to, I have no idea what was wrong with her. But her "customer service" skills were totally lacking, compared to the two other people working around her. So why was she acting that way? I can't say, but will offer this up for consideration.

Maybe she was in emotional pain. Perhaps she had bad news before going to work. Maybe she was just tired (she appeared to be retirement age), and wished she was home. We can't know, but we need to think about what it could be like to walk a mile in her shoes!

The older man? He's a WWII Veteran, who saw combat during the Battle of the Bulge. Anyone knowing a little history will know that awful battle cost the United States military alone over 19,000 lives. Add to that, this man could not get around unassisted, and his children were not there to see him off. Walk a mile in HIS shoes!

The young waitress seemed distracted. Was she a single mother with kids at home, and couldn't be there with them? Any kids at home sick, while she had to work? Did she just have a bad break-up? No way to know, but people go around all the time with heavier burdens than many of us. Sometimes, those burdens are so heavy, its hard for them to not grimace under the weight that we can't see. To walk a mile in her shoes, would be the only way to know for sure.

I've been in combat, like hundreds of thousands of other guys during the Vietnam War. In some ways, I've had an underlying scowl on my face ever since. Add to that, the perfected a Cop's stare I had for many years, adding to the scowl. No excuses, and not asking anyone to walk in my shoes, but when I don't know it, I let the scowl show, and lead other people (sorry Honey!) to believe something is wrong. Most times, it's a less than conscious thought that shows on my face. Sometimes, and over the years its less frequent, it is a passing remembrance that seeps its pain outwardly.

All over the place, people carry burdens, and worries, and experiences, and can sometimes let that effect our interactions with others in a negative way. I know I need to work on my own issues. But what we can ALL do, is give other people a pass. Maybe even offer a kind word or gesture, when that's the last thing you might want to do under the circumstances.

Try it. I have, when I take the time to recognize the need. And watch the surprise on their face, when in spite of themselves, someone treats them better than the way they were treating others. (Most likely, they didn't even know.) Maybe, just maybe, that little gesture could redirect their day. It costs nothing to do really. And if it doesn't change anything, then you can go about your business, knowing you at least you didn't add to that person's burden.

A smile, a kind word, and gesture of good will, might just go a long way. Since we really can't walk a mile in other people's shoes, its the least we can do. And it costs nothing. (I would also suggest, the gesture might even up your own mood!)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Giving to others

Are you a giving person? Do you have a soft spot for some people and/or causes? My wife and I do.

In many ways, I can be very hard hearted. I don't have a lot of patience for selfish, self-centered people. I have none for bad people and predators! But for some things/people/causes, we can be generous (when we are financially able), and that also means in labor when needed. My wife and I give to dog-related and Veterans causes mostly. We just feel compelled to help in those areas.

Recently, after local flooding, a young man who was recently discharged from the Marines, lost everything in the flood. His wife was in the hospital, being treated for large gash on her leg from flood debris. And, he lost his recently trained "service dog". The dog also had a backpack on, with this young Marine's wallet, keys, and cellphone in it. The dog had been swept away from him in the flood waters, and he needed help trying to find the dog, named "Stash". ("Stash" was named because of the dark band of hair above it lip.) He had gone to the local Red Cross for some temporary help, when another Vet friend of mine called me and asked if I was available to help.

So I drove up to Austin and met with the young Marine, named Kelly. After some exchanges, I drove him to the animal shelter in hopes the dog had been turned in. He hadn't been, yet. The dog was "chipped", but the info on the chip would direct any calls to Kelly's cellphone, which was with the dog, and likely ruined by flood waters. Kelly couldn't even get back to his house, as the flood water was keeping people out, and the Police were keeping everyone away from the hardest hit homes. To make matters worse, Kelly and his wife, had spend their last $6,700 of their savings, to have the house remodeled before they moved in. Kelly wouldn't get his last government check for another week or so. No money, no phone, no family nearby, and little solace from the limited help of the Red Cross.

This young man was in real need, so I then took him to buy a pre-paid cellphone, so he could at least make calls and receive calls about the dog, if it was found. I then took him to the hospital to check on his wife. Kelly told me that the hospital had already told him he could sleep there on a sofa until his wife's released.
By then, I had already talked to my wife, and we decided to make this case our donation for the month, so I  handed Kelly some cash, telling him it was a "gift" to help him  and his wife out a little, until the Red Cross and his homeowners insurance could pick thing up for him. Kelly thanked me profusely, and went into the hospital to check on his wife. As I was leaving, I told him that I hoped his wife was okay, and to call me if he found his dog.

There's more to this whole story, but here's the thing. Kelly, as I learned a few days later from another source, was a complete fraud. He was NO Marine, had NO flooded home, had NO wife in the hospital, and had NO dog either. It was all an elaborate ruse to fraud the Red Cross, while 100's of people were flooded out and really needed help. It just happened that one of my Veteran buddies was there to help the Red Cross, and after talking to "Kelly", this guy developed more of his ruse to fit out veterans association's motto, Vets Helping Vets.

We were taken in by this fraud. Ex-cop and all, I was taken in by the elaborate story, and the belief that he was a recently discharged Marine. No ID to verify anything, and no family in the area to help. It just didn't seem right to turn another "Veteran" away in a time of need, and there was no way under the circumstances to verify anything.

So this month, our usual "donation" to a worthy cause, was sidelined by that con-artist. As my wife and discussed the whole thing, we had "given from the heart", with no expectation of anything in return. The way we saw it, its on that kid and God to work out what ever happens to him next. We gave, more as being the "right thing to do", and not for anything else, so we just can't look back with regret. Regret, that could cause us to not "give" again. On this time, we got burned. But we will not be thwarted from doing what we feel is right the next time.

To us, "giving" is just the right thing for us to do for those in need, or to those entities who care for "service dogs" and/or Veterans. As for people like Kelly? We will do what we can to better screen for such fraudulent people. We'll let God work things out with "Kelly". Who knows, as wrong as it was for him to con the Red Cross and us, he may just have bigger problems than we know.